Porridge and birthdays

I have been on this earth for 59 years as of today. ‘Happy Birthday’, I hear you cry. Made allKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA the more happy when listening to Chris Evans @radio2 this morning when I discovered that I share my birthday with ‘World Porridge Day’.

Henry assures me that he does not think that we have shared this notable date for as long as I have been around, but I felt ashamed nonetheless as I have missed out on the opportunity to suggest suitable wine matches for all those years.

This year’s winning porridge recipe┬ádeserves nothing less than a wee shot of Dulce de Pasas, Toro Albala from Andalicia.

It turns out that World Porridge Day is closely linked to the Scottish charity Marys Meals, so please click here if you wish to find out more about their efforts to feed the poorest children in the world. Mary’s Meals

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