Nigel’s Tuscany Trip Part 1

Weatherwise, Tuscany in November is very similar to Cornwall in September  – lucky Tuscans, a nice short winter! Last week I was part of an international group of 30  (the only Brit) who attended a 2 day2013-11-06 10.58.18

workshop followed by a three day whistle stop tour of about ten wineries. Lots of Chianti and the ubiquitous and totally more-ish Vin Santo. Virtually every winery and farm make their own Vin Santo 2013-11-07 13.45.17

with their own “mother yeast” so each one is different. Intensely sweet and slightly unctuous, we were shown the Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes drying in the lofts and the wines sleeping in their ancient little barriques. We tasted quite a few as well.

2013-11-08 16.43.18

Tuscany is justly famous for its red wines  – Sangiovese is King here. Actually it is not that simple as there are many different clones of this dry, acidic but complex, cherry-scented variety but basically they fall into two camps – big berry and small berry. Predictably the smaller berries produce the better wine albeit less of it. Other local grape varieties include such wonders as  Cigliogiolo, Canaiolo and the highly promising Pugnitello. More to come on my trip soon.

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