Dine with Bordeaux at Budock Vean Hotel last Saturday


Dinner at The Budock Vean Hotel

Busy weekend for the WiC team. Nigel was at Mullion Cove presenting wines on Friday and I was presenting a range of Bordeaux wines in conjunction with the Dine with Bordeaux promotion at a gourmet dinner at the Budock Vean Hotel.

The premise of the Dine with Bordeaux campaign is that Bordeaux produces food friendly wines, with a diverse range of styles to suit every type of food, and that they need not cost the earth. All but one of the wines shown have to be available at a retail price under £25.00, a far cry from the headline prices paid for the top end wines from the region.

Proceedings started with the 2009 Chateau La Fleur Boireau, Montagne St Emilion paired with aCornish game terrine. The vigour in the young fruit was a good foil to the richness of the terrine and was soft enough to start the diner with. £10.64

Beautifully cooked John Dory on a punchy cider, saffron and mussel sauce needed the elegant acidity of the Chateau Peyruchet Sauvignon. Clean cut, nettle scented with a round mouthful of fruit, this is a great buy at £7.84 and is far better value than many a Sauvignon from further afield.

2006 Bernadotte waiting to be poured

2006 Bernadotte waiting to be poured

There were around 70 guests at this Dine with Bordeaux dinner but I felt that the 2006 Chateau Bernadotte, Haut Medoc, was a little too masculine for some of the female drinkers. It showed classic Pauillac style with a softening, but ever-present tannic structure, and is fresh and fruity with everything getting smoother with age. It works a treat with a nice bit of Cornish beef fillet. £26.40 – limited supply.


Mike sampling the 2006 Bernadotte with Ross Minty

Mike sampling the 2006 Bernadotte with Ross Minty

An apple based dessert with caramelised apple and ginger cheesecake fighting for attention with the Budock Vean apple sorbet did not warrant a heavy dessert wine so I plumped for the Chateau Haut Mayne Sauterens, 2010. The sweetness of the wine was spot on with the richer cheesecake and ginger biscuit base and the pleasant level of acidity did not clash with the natural acidity of the sorbet. Even so, s few people (who professed not to like dessert wines anyway) could not be swayed. The bottle price is £20.89, and we also have half bottles available at £11.40

The last course and wine always present a challenge at these gourmet dinners as it generally consists of a selection of three local cheeses. I discussed the idea of serving a sparkling rosé with the proprietor of Chateau de Sours, Martin Krajewski and we both agreed that we thought it would be an interesting match to the cheeses on offer – Cornish Blue, Helford White  and Butlers Cheddar.

Well, I am a bit of an optimist and I thought that the two harder cheeses were fine with it, but the more creamy Cornish Blue was not a great success. The rest of the room had mixed feelings as well. Ah well! We do like to push the boundaries and sometimes we break the fence! Experimental stuff aside, this is a lovely dry blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with light crushed raspberry fruit and a lingering finish. Very refreshing and quite different to the other wines of the region. £11.95

All in all, we had a great evening, so many thanks to Martin and his team at the Budock Vean Hotel.


Mike Maguire


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